The range of thermoplastic polymer products was developed a few years ago at our customers’ request, with the aim of supplementing the polymer product range. Today, this range represents a growing part of our turnover.

GRANDO processes mass-market basic thermoplastics, and industrial and technical plastics, as well as high-performance variants for special applications. These products are intended not only for traditional industrial applications but also for high-tech industries such as railways, aeronautics, nuclear, energy, medical, etc. Thanks to its partnerships with several European laboratories and research centres, GRANDO has become a specialist in the development of accredited polymer thermoplastics complying with several international standards such as:

  • Fire/smoke standards for the railway and construction industries (EN-45-545, NFPA130, NF F-16-101, DIN 5510, UL94, NBN EN 13501-2, etc.)
  • FAR, NFL, ASTM, BOMBARDIER SMP800 standards for aeronautics and space applications
  • Food standards (e.g. FDA: Food and Drug Administration)
  • Drinking water standards (e.g. ACS), etc.