GRANDO established its business as an elastomer manufacturer (also known more commonly as ‘rubbers’) in 1946. Elastomer products were their first range and still represent a major part of the company’s commercial activity today.

With over 65 years’ experience in the manufacturing of elastomer products, our materials science engineers continue to develop products with ever greater mechanical, thermal and physicochemical performances. Amongst our leading products we can mention EPDM elastomers, SBR rubber, neoprene and silicon.

These are intended not only for traditional industrial applications, but also for advanced technology sectors such as the rail, aeronautical, nuclear, energy and medical industries. Thanks to our partnerships with several European industrial and university laboratories, our elastomer materials are accredited under several international standards, such as:

  • Fire/smoke standards for railways and buildings (EN-45-545, NF F-16-101, DIN 5510, UL94, NBN EN 13501-2, etc.).
  • FAR, NFL, ASTM, BOMBARDIER SMP800 standards for the aeronautical and space industries.
  • Food standards (e.g. FDA: Food and Drug Administration).
  • Standards for drinking water (e.g. ACS), etc.