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THERMOPLASTICSferroviaire-grandoGPLAST range
COMPOSITESferroviaire-grandoGCOMP range
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Technological Expertise

A portfolio of diversified products

GRANDO processes and markets three complete and separate ranges of polymer-based products (elastomers, cellular materials, thermoplastics) as well as a wide range of composite materials (thermosetting materials, thermoplastics and elastomeric materials), which makes it one of the European leaders in the processing of high-tech materials.

Manufacturing - Ultra-modern and diversified machinery

Thanks to a policy of continuous investment in its machinery and industrial buildings for many years, GRANDO is equipped with numerical control (CNC) machines that are among the best-performing on the market and capable of meeting the most stringent customer requirements. All parts manufactured by GRANDO meet the quality criteria (dimensional tolerance, surface condition, etc.) required by the principal international standards as well as the customer’s specifications.

The materials for the four product ranges are processed into semi-finished or finished products using several manufacturing methods including:

  • Cutting
  • Stamping
  • Thermoforming
  • Machining
  • Moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Bonding
  • Rolling
  • Assembly

The diversity of the products processed by GRANDO as well as the technical sophistication and modernity of its machinery make GRANDO one of the most versatile and successful companies in the niche sector of high added value polymers and composites.


Clearly, GRANDO aims to offer its customers the broadest possible portfolio of high-tech products … more info

A high-end commercial department

Commercially, GRANDO is known for its very short production lead times … more info

An experienced engineering firm

 GRANDO makes an engineering office available to its customers that is experienced in the design of any new component … more info

Quality control

Over the years, GRANDO has invested in human and material resources that ensure rigorous and systematic quality control … more info