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GRANDO is a private Belgian company that is active internationally and processes and markets four product ranges (elastomers, cellular materials, thermoplastics and composites) across all five continents.

Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect, team spirit and innovation.
The employment of high-qualified and multilingual staff is certainly one of its major assets.

The use of high-tech for the manufacture of our products and their processing into finished products is appreciated and recognised by our customers and suppliers throughout the world.

GRANDO’s Health – Safety – Environment (HSE) policy incorporates respect not only for the working, safety and health conditions for staff, but also the preservation of the environment, which is part of its overall sustainable development policy.

In order to contribute to shape the future and meet the challenges of tomorrow, GRANDO, with the cooperation of its suppliers and customers, adopts a proactive approach to continually improve its manufacturing and quality control processes, and thus increase its efficiency.


Our vision is to develop, in partnership with our suppliers, high-tech and high-quality polymers and composites for our customers, and thus position ourselves as a leader in these niche markets.



Clearly, GRANDO aims to offer its customers the broadest possible portfolio of high-tech products … more info


A high-end commercial department

Commercially, GRANDO is known for its very short production lead times … more info


An experienced engineering firm

 GRANDO makes an engineering office available to its customers that is experienced in the design of any new component … more info


Quality control

Over the years, GRANDO has invested in human and material resources that ensure rigorous and systematic quality control … more info